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            What is the difference between the different versions of Zik Analytics? What is included in each one? What is this new Zik Launch?

            In early-September 2019, Zik launched additional features in their amazing Zik software.

            Old/regular version of Zik:

            eBay market research tools 

            eBay Store analytics

            Competitor research 

            Product research 

            Title analytics


            zik extreme eBus new version- access for ePASS members:

            Everything in the original Zik + ALL of the following:

            1. Ali Express market research including product and competitor research for Ali Express products

            2. Wholesale suppliers database (China Brands, Wholesale2b...) with access to nearly 1 million products based in USA, CHINA AND EUROPE (and research on them) You can then choose to sign-up with these dropshippers and add these products on ebay, shopify, and various other platforms.

            3. ZIK PRO - top selling items of last 3 hours and bulk scanner

            4. Dedicated support special for ePASS Members

            5. Basic + Advanced training in Umbrella Members Area

            6. AutoDS, BeGlobal, and other integrations

            Zik Extreme+ Upgraded Version (available for purchase at a discounted rate- please contact
            Everything in Zik  Extreme +  the following features to help you find the hot products and list them instantly

            1. 12 month extension of your current Zik Membership- including with the new features from the moment you upgrade.
            2. Ali Growth Scanner
            3. Turbo Scanner

            4. (Optional) Zik Funnel

            ePASS members can also sign into other versions of Zik using the same credentials used for Zik Extreme
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