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            Using BeGlobal / eBUS / ebay for members living outside of the US

            Here are the steps for registering and using ebay with BeGlobal from abroad.

            What you need to do is the following:
            1. Register with your local ebay website (i.e. or
            2. Log out
            3. Go to
            4. Put in your username and password from your Australian ebay account into the sign-in form (do not register for
            5. You will then be logged into
            6. You can now list an item and this will activate your seller's account
            7. From here - you can now link your BeGlobal account to your ebay account.

            Happy selling :-)

            For those working in currencies other than USD, please see this guide as well:
            Updated: 20 Aug 2019 04:50 AM
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