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            This is great but, why wouldn't a business owner do this for themselves?

            They can but:

            1. They may not know about it

            2. Very difficult to meet the qualifications and do the paperwork- unless you have HomeZon

            3. No online reputation (RepZon!)

            4. People are happy to pay others to simplify things for themselves

            5. Technical abilities- you may be good at installing light fixtures, but using a computer is not your forte.

            There are countless services that business owners theoretically can do themselves but opt not to. For example, marketing agencies routinely charge to set-up Google My Business accounts despite it being simple and free. They also require businesses to send them a PIN they get by text/email/mail - yet this does not prevent business owners from opting to pay others to take care of this for them. Service providers have a business- anything that can increase revenues with little effort on their part, they are often happy to pay for. 
            Updated: 01 Oct 2019 05:50 PM
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