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            GTC Listing: What does it mean? Will it charge me each time it relists? What happens if the item is out of stock?

            With a GTC (Good Til Cancelled)  listing, ebay relists your item automatically every 30-day period from the time you create it until all the items in the listing sell, you end the listing, or ebay ends the listing. Each time it relists it will be counted against your monthly free listing limit and if you passed that, it will charge you an insertion fee As of mid-March 2019, all fixed price listings are automatically GTC.

            If you enable the out-of-stock option on ebay (see here: , and your GTC listing has a quantity of 0 for the entire 30-day billing period, at the end of that period you may qualify 
             (ebay determines but you can also call up and request)  for an insertion fee credit and a credit of any advanced listing upgrade fees applicable to that period. 

            If your listing has a quantity of 0 for the entire 30-day billing period for 3 consecutive 30-day billing periods, it will be ended permanently.

            Updated: 11 Jan 2020 11:18 PM
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