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            Errors while uploading products in BeGlobal. What to do?

            First off, it is important to understand that ebay is constantly changing and adjusting rules and therefore a percentage of products will inevitably be blocked. 
            BeGlobal works with their suppliers to constantly improve the listings and make sure they are less likely to get blocked, but it will never be perfect. 
            Every single bulk lister and supplier has a certain number of products that get blocked and as long as most of your items are going through you should not be concerned (it won't hurt your listing limits or use your BeGlobal Credits). Just select other items.

            If they are blocked due to Vero:
            The Vero list does not include all items that ebay blocks. They block many more items than what is listed there. In addition, if the lister blocks an item for vero, this will also block all variations of the item. For instance, the color Orange is also a brand. If the Vero detects that one item may be an issue due to having the name Orange, it will also block all other colors/variations put up. To avoid having items unnecessarily blocked, you need to make sure your Vero isn't too high (as Serge advises). Please watch Serge's video on the subject:

            If you are getting error 717 (missing weight...):
            When they do not configure the shipment as free, the lister looks for weight at the item. Most of our items have weight in the relevant column, but it is only for specifications purposes. 
            The shipment should be free at the business policies, by doing that eBay does not try to calculate the shipment rate with the weight.
            Please see Serge's videos on the subject: 
            and the link the business policies page is:

            The item is missing a descriptor that eBay considers essential to putting up a listing. Certain categories require more active descriptors than others and eBay sometimes adjusts their rules. 
            If a few items are blocked for this reason, that is fine. 
            If many are, please let us know which category and subcategory they are from so we can try and get it resolved. It will take time to get it resolved, so in the meanwhile, please select other products.

            If you are getting: (Error) 21919188 :It looks like you've reached the number of items you can list. 
            You are listing more items than what you are allowed to. 
            Please note that each quantity and variation also counts as a listing for this purpose.
            You can call ebay and ask them to raise your limits and they will decide to or not to do so- if you are making sales, adding listings consistently and not all at once, and have good feedback, these all improve the chances of them doing so. Listings limits reset on the 1st of each month. Alternatively, you can remove listings and ebay generally gives you back listings. 

            Error listing first item from BeGlobal:
            Before using a bulk lister, you need to first upload at least one item manually directly in your ebay account. Only then will you be able to bulk/auto list items. 

            Error requiring me to agree to international seller's agreement:
            Please see this article and follow the instructions: 

            Error Source Price is Zero:
            This is one of the errors that can show when an item is out of stock

            BeGlobal Max Listed:
            This means that the item was already listed by 8 BeGlobal Members and can no longer be added by other members. This is to make sure that there is not too much competition within the market.

            If you are encountering other errors, please advise us of them at: 
            But as long as most of your listings are going through, all is most likely fine :-)

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