Will our 40% commissions be on the revenue or on the profit?

Will our 40% commissions be on the revenue or on the profit?

Revenue! And not only that, while it is accepted in the affiliate world to adjust commissions for transaction fees (i.e. give 39.2% instead of 40% to account for 2% transaction fee)- we will be paying you the entire 40% before transaction fees. For example, on a sale of a $997 product, you would be earning $398.8 commission.
For SAS you will get 65% commission on the front end product- also before transaction fees.

For members who join the Ambassador program, the commission will be upped to 50% on all programs.
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    • How will our commissions be paid?

      You will be paid via PayPal 35 days after your sale is made.  If you are unable to use PayPal, please message us no more than 30 days after making a sale with your Payoneer details so we can apply the payment there instead. Please note that using ...
    • How long will the cookie last for? Which sales will I get commission for?

      Any traffic you bring to the webinar will be credited to you as long as they meet both of the following conditions? A. They buy within 3 months of signing up. B. They buy one of the products in the funnel. For members who join the Ambassador program, ...
    • Can we use BTA from anywhere in the world?

      Yes! Your commissions will be paid out by Really Successful. If you drive traffic and the traffic converts, the commission will be yours. The offers being offered in the funnel can be applied from just about anywhere in the world as well. 
    • How long will we be paid after making a sale?

      Your commission will be paid 35 days after a sale is a made. Please make sure we have your updated PayPal address on file. 
    • What are the advantages of joining the Ambassador program?

      1. Traffic that goes to your page will be cookied for 12 months instead of 3 months 2. You will earn commission on any product sold by Really Successful which your lead buys and not just the 7 products in the funnel 3. Your base commission will be ...