Why choose Amazon?

Why choose Amazon?

Amazon is the biggest Market Place that keeps on growing and growing. Amazon.com (the US-based platform alone) attracts 2.6 billion visitors a month. On top of that, Amazon is also the biggest advertiser in Google. So if there are new products and services offered it will be advertised immediately. More chances for your clients services to be known and taken advantage of.
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    • Is this only applicable for Home Services?

      Yes, for now, it is only applicable for Home Services. This includes both in-house (i.e. cleaning) and remote (tech support). But don't underestimate Home Services- 600 BILLION dollar industry, 1200+ niches and growing.
    • What is AHS?

      Amazon Home Services. It is a relatively new service that Amazon is offering and fast expanding where a consumer can now buy professional services through Amazon. There are over 1200 niches and growing and it is active in much of the US and UK. For ...
    • How does it work?

      When you join the Amazon professional services program, you create an Amazon profile for your business, including the types of services you provide, the locations you serve, and a claims-based fixed price for a specific type of service. You have to ...
    • Where is Amazon Home Services active? Where is HomeZon relevant for?

      Amazon Home Services is currently active (and widely popular) in the US and UK. Their offerings and niches are growing in both of these markets and there is speculation they will expand the service to other markets as well.  Using lead generation, ...
    • Does Amazon do the installation directly?

      No, not directly. They use  carefully vetted third-party home service providers who do the fulfillment and they take a percentage. This is where our opportunity comes in- getting home service providers on Amazon.