What Templates Are Included in Tommy's Tool (HomeZon Platinum)?

What Templates Are Included in Tommy's Tool (HomeZon Platinum)?

Tommy's Tool does not come with any template.

Those who purchase TraffZon will also get 18 templates that can be customized by you to turn any website user into a lead
These include:
1. Attorneys  
2. Web development / design  
3. T-shirt company  
4. SEO and Advertising company  
5. Storage company  
6. Mattresses Company  
7. Doctor / Clinic  
8. Accountants  
9. Auto dealership  
10. Dental services  
11. Attorneys for Prospector Pages  
12. Chiropractor  
13. Refinance loans
+ 5 special for Home Services Sector including:
14.    HVAC
15.    Plumbing
16.    Electricians
17.     Cleaning Services
18.     Furniture Assembly Company (can be adjusted easily to any other type of assembly company)

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    • Where do I get my templates for Tommy's Tool?

      Tommy's Tool comes with 18 templates for those who purchased TraffZon. Those templates can be accessed by going to your Tommy's Tool and clicking "New from Template" You can adjust the templates/chatbots to respond as you'd like them to and for the ...
    • Is this only applicable for Home Services?

      Yes, for now, it is only applicable for Home Services. This includes both in-house (i.e. cleaning) and remote (tech support). But don't underestimate Home Services- 600 BILLION dollar industry, 1200+ niches and growing.
    • Where is Amazon Home Services active? Where is HomeZon relevant for?

      Amazon Home Services is currently active (and widely popular) in the US and UK. Their offerings and niches are growing in both of these markets and there is speculation they will expand the service to other markets as well.  Using lead generation, ...
    • Where can I find the training for Tommy's Tool?

      Tommy's Tool is found at: http://autopilotlead.com The training for the tool is found in the Training Tab:
    • Website Template: Where can we find this? How does it look?

      Templates are used 2 ways in the course: 1. Chatbot templates which are included in Tommy's Tool (AutoPilotLead) for those who purchased TraffZon. This is found under New from Template 2. Website templates which ALL HomeZon buyers receive. The files ...