Nahar's Guide for Product and Competitor Research in Zik Extreme/ePASS:

Nahar's Guide for Product and Competitor Research in Zik Extreme/ePASS:


Find competitor -> find his best selling items -> check competition and demand -> list with optimized price and title

Part 1 - Find competitor:

Step 1 - Go to AliExpress best sellers ( (or anywhere in Aliexpress if you prefer to search elsewhere)

Step 2 - Choose a category (best if the category is listed as Hot Categories) and sort by most sales.
Step 3 - Copy title of one of the top items (only copy the relevant part of the title- take our Drop Shipping and all other add-ons to the title)

Step 4 - In a separate tab, open and login to Zik Extreme (

Step 5- Click on Product Research (magnifying glass with lighting bolt) from left hand menu

product research (make sure your shipping location set on “All locations”) and search the title
Step 6 - Set your shipping location to “All Locations” on the right hand side.

Paste the title (from Step 3) into the search bar and click the search button to the right of that.

Step 7- Select all the boxes of the item that is the same (or very similar) to the item you looked at in Aliexpress. Alternatively, you can select all of them if only the correct item is showing up in the search).

Step 8- Press Zik Selection

Step 9- Scan the sellers with the best performance  (High sales, low feedbacks, high price). If they are making a lot of sales at a high price with feedback not as high as other sellers, that means that they have a winning listing that ebay’s algorithm likes.
(Make sure the seller is also dropshipping items by checking if the their items are all/most available in Aliexpress or any other source you use)

Part 2 - Determine if the seller is a good seller

Step 1- (Continuation of Part 1)- select one of the sellers by clicking on the detective icon (in this example, liuqq0609 would be the best best as they sold 942 of the product despite having far less feedback count than the other sellers).

If the seller has a sell-through rate of at least 20-30% (or very high earnings), then this is a strong seller. Look for a high amount of successful listings being sold by this seller and a high amount of sale earnings. If this is the case, then you can add this seller to your good seller list.

Part 3 - Find strong products within the good seller(s)

(continuation of Part 2- alternatively, you can select competitor research from Zik Extreme and put in sellers from your Good Seller List)
Step 1 - Put in 4 as the minimum number of total sales (within the last 30 days)
Step 2 - Run a scan on the product (by clicking the scan title- bar graph logo- from the right hand side) to see how many people are selling the same product. Follow steps 3-8 in Part 1. We are looking for items with less than 10 competitors (unless you have the ability to offer it at a far lower price- then competition is less crucial)
Step 3 - Check on Aliexpress (or any other wholesale source you use) to find how cheap you can find the item and how much profit you can make on it based on the price it is selling for on ebay (after accounting for ebay and PP fees- approx. 17%). You can search within Aliexpress by clicking on Product Research in Zik and then clicking on the eBay logo and switching it to Aliexpress

Part 4 - List product with Optimized Price and Title

Step 1 - Check your competition level by observing the amount of feedbacks and total sales, listing title and photos of your strongest competitor. We will always prefer to compete with sellers on our level but we can also “beat” sellers who are stronger than us if we have a better price or title.
The goal is to try and have a better listing so we can win the traffic.
(Better listings means- better price, better title, clear photo, better shipping time, better return policy, better description….)

Step 2 - Make sure you can list the item within $1 more or less of the price of your competitor. It is always better to be cheaper but you can also make sales if your listings are a little more expensive.

Step 3 - Pick the title of the highest selling listing and paste it into the title analytics builder (inside the Product Research section of Zik) and remember, you don’t need to change the entire title- just to add a few strong keywords based on the title analytics or the source site. Make sure to keep the root of the title as is and add keywords based on other high-selling listings until you run out of characters.

Step 4 - Add important information to the item description such as size, dimensions, or anything that helps describe the listing better. This will help your listing convert better, save questions from potential buyers, and help prevent returns and other issues.

Step 5 - Try to use a different photo than your competitor but only if you can find a better one.