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       H3 is a heading tag. You need 1x H1 tag on your page, then optionally you can use multiple H2's, H3's, etc etc. They are similar to a book structure. The H1 is like the title of the book, H2's are like chapters, H3's are similar to sections within a ...
    • What are the support hours? What is the support phone number? How can I call Really Successful?

      Our support operates 9AM-5PM, Sunday-Thursday. All tickets are responded to within 2 business days- generally much faster.  We do not offer phone support as most cases require accounts and programs being looked into. That being said, in case of need, ...
    • Trying to publish my site and when I do, it gets redirected to a Groove landing page.

      There is a bug in Groovepages. When you add your domain name you need to make sure it stays there. Do this by pasting in your custom domain, then hit delete button after the name, and or possibly the R arrow key. Check that your domain name is there ...
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      Domain is the name of the website. URL is the specific link to the page in your website  (in the navigation bar of your browser). For example, the domain on this page is ReallySuccessfulSupport and the URL ...
    • Can we sell CBD products on Shopify?

      Yes! Shopify recently announced that they will begin allowing CBD products.  (For more info- see here: This means, that using YouTube Ads or one of our multiple programs, we can now begin using our eCom and marketing ...