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    • When should we use H3 tags?

       H3 is a heading tag. You need 1x H1 tag on your page, then optionally you can use multiple H2's, H3's, etc etc. They are similar to a book structure. The H1 is like the title of the book, H2's are like chapters, H3's are similar to sections within a ...
    • What are the support hours? What is the support phone number? How can I call Really Successful?

      Our support operates 9AM-5PM, Sunday-Thursday. All tickets are responded to within 2 business days- generally much faster.  We do not offer phone support as most cases require accounts and programs being looked into. That being said, in case of need, ...
    • Can we sell CBD products on Shopify?

      Yes! Shopify recently announced that they will begin allowing CBD products.  (For more info- see here: This means, that using YouTube Ads or one of our multiple programs, we can now begin using our eCom and marketing ...
    • Do customers see my username in Digistore? Should I use a real name?

      Potential buyers/buyers will see your Digistore username in the URL (affiliate link). If you don't want them knowing your name, you should not use your name in the Digistore username.
    • Does the business have to pay monthly to Amazon?

      Nope! Just a % on sales. $0 Signup Fees, $0 Subscription Fees and $0 Lead Fees. Only pay a revenue share for completed jobs based on the service type and final service price. The fees below apply to ALL professions, ALL service types, in ALL ...